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About us

Design Interactive Inc gives you the best creative web design from the best professionals in the market.

Design Interactive Inc is an offshore Website Development Company with offices in UK, USA and Canada. It has been successfully operating for almost 8 years and currently employs 35 qualified programmers, designers and SEO specialists.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Our goal lies in creating websites which act as effective marketing tools for our clients. quotes

A Powerful combination of business process analysis and technical expertise enables us to provide a wide range of IT services across a number of industry verticals, these include finance & banking, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, SCM and manufacturing.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Competitive Cost
    The development headquarters of Design Interactive INC are located in Novosibirsk — a famous scientific and IT center in Siberia. Low operating costs make the services of Design Interactive INC much cheaper in comparison with other companies. Novosibirsk provides sufficient power at a significantly lower cost, making Design Interactive INC the best offshore development partner for effective businesses.
  • Time Limits
    We can create websites in very short timeframes. The design of the project, including the html layout can take up to 3-5 days. If the completion of the task before a given deadline is not possible for some reason, we inform our clients about the new terms and follow them.
  • Transparent Development
    We have vast experience of working as outsourcing partners. Even though we never meet our clients, it doesn’t prevent us from providing a high level of customer satisfaction. Our team carefully studies all the project details before development. We follow all the requirements necessary for meeting the objective. You can request a full status report at all times during the development process.
  • Result Orientation
    Design Interactive INC works to achieve the necessary result. This can be done only by combining innovation, strong management and active communication during the development process. We provide our clients with solutions, not the problems.
  • Efficient Communication
    Communication skills are essential in outsourcing business. They help us to understand our clients’ needs and requirements allowing us to make suitable suggestions. Efficient communication techniques also give us a possibility to find and offer ready-made solutions for different tasks.
  • Cultural Compatibility
    Pro-western business culture formed during close outsourcing collaboration with clients from Western Europe and the USA, makes it easier for Design Interactive INC to understand and manage large complex foreign orders.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** We’ve created over 450 internet projects, including corporate websites, online shops, promotional websites and internal portals. Design INTERACTIVE  INC helped in creating dozens of logos and forming corporate identities. quotes

We have worked in fields such as:

  • Hi-Tech
  • Retail and Consumer Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Real Estate and Construction

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** You can be sure that DESIGN INTERACTIVE INC will develop an efficient and well designed web-project with a convenient user-interface, working backend and all the possibilities for SEO-optimization. Add flexible prices and comprehensive support and you’ll understand the advantages of working with Design Interactive INC. quotes

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