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Top 5 B2B Marketing Ideas for Small Business

The ultimate objective of business-to-business or B2B marketing is the same as that of business-to-customer, or B2C, marketing – attracting and retaining customers. The focus of your B2B marketing efforts is to identify as many potential customers as possible and target them with an integrated marketing campaign. Here are top 5 B2B marketing ideas.

B2B sales lead management – You may have excellent sales lead generation systems in place. But what you do with your leads is more important to your sales and profits. Put in place sales lead management  systems that include salesman training and order management.

B2B mailing lists – Up date your B2B mailing list so that your promotional messages reach your prospective clients. Through up-to-date B2B mailing lists , you can expect higher sales. In your campaigns, focus more on solutions to problems faced by your potential clients rather than your products’ features or business’s successes.

Online presence – In today’s connected world, you must have an online presence. But having a great-looking website is not enough. You should make sure that your potential clients are aware of your website, through Google Places  and Yelp , for example. Also, see that your site has fresh content that is customer-oriented. Content must be informative, useful, up-to-date and interesting to your target audience. The more information you provide on your product/service and your business, the greater are your chances of getting more business.

Say ‘yes’ to social media – Popular platforms like Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter , YouTube, Pinterest  and Google+ help you create a buzz around your business. Create and build communities and share information related to your business through online networks. When you reach your target audience via social media, it is usually not considered as intrusion of privacy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – Optimize your B2B website so that you attract relevant Internet traffic to your site. See that your site has the right number of keywords related to your business. Sign up for Google Analytics  to assess the current customer traffic and know the keywords relevant to your line of business.

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