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Lead finder software for free

As a business owner, you know the importance of generating new sales leads. In fact, you might be paying a “professional leads finder service” hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. Are you? If so, stop right now. Don’t waste money to have leads generated for you; generate them yourself quickly and with ease via the Leads Finder. With just one click, search thousands of websites to find up-to-date targeted leads. See the job listing in the frame below your search results. Simply use arrow keys to navigate through listings. Be the first to act on profitable leads by setting up email alerts; get leads send directly to your email inbox. Reply to your entire targeted list with just couple of clicks; don’t waste time typing the same message because your last message automatically saves for next time. Keep track of important dates with detailed notes to eliminate confusion when you contact your leads. Export all the information to Excel for backup.

Leads Finder Pro – CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/Leads-Finder-Pro/3000-2379_4-11164347.html#ixzz22IOpDfF6

As the name suggest, Leads Finder Software is a groundbreaking tool that automates all the hard works in finding highly targeted leads that are ready to buy without spending thousands of dollars on advertising, CPA, Media Buying, Listbuilding etc. in just seconds!

I know it’s a bold claim but that’s how Leads Finder Software works. This software wasdesigned for my marketing needs so, I know this software works and works they way I want it as a smart marketer.

In fact, I am very hesitant to sell this publicly but I realized how I’m greedy I was not to.



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