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Generate leads from your Yellow Pages ad

Most of our clients tell us that enquiries from the Yellow Pages are a major source of business for them – and in fact the major source if your product or service is home related. If it has not generated much business for you in the past, it may be that your layout is ineffective, or possibly there are additional categories that you should be in.

Online is also growing hugely. In this article, we summarise eight key points that will increase response from this source.
Research(1) shows that 58% of people who look in the Yellow Pages do not have a supplier’s name in mind. The other 42% have a company in mind but will on average contact at least two organisations. At least one third of this group are willing to be swayed to a different company. Therefore, nearly three quarters of all users are up for grabs! So it makes sense to have a more powerful and effective ad than your competitor! Here are some tips for success:
1. DON’T put your company name at the top of the ad. Just because everyone else does this, doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do! DO put a benefit or a catchy phrase at the top, such as “Reliable & fast appliance servicing” or “service around the clock”. Select a phrase that is a) less than ten words long and b) includes a benefit or unique feature about your business.
2. DO include a list of the products or services you offer. 71% of Yellow Pages users would not ring to enquire about a product or service if it was not mentioned in an ad, but would look for another one that did mention it. (2)

3. DO include a graphic or illustration – a picture paints a thousand words and can break the monotony of text.
4. DO include an incentive to call you now such as “free quote”, “free trial” etc. Try and do something extra that will differentiate you from your competitors.
5. DO go for as big an ad as you can afford. The user may think you are as big as the company in the neighbouring ad if your ad is the same size. Also, research proves that enquiries go up exponentially with each jump in size.
6. DO use contrast to stand out from others around you. This can be spot colour or white knock out if the surrounding ads are not all already using it. Alternatives include using freeform shapes (instead of rectangles), hand drawn illustrations, kids crayon style headings (since everything is normally typeset), blocks of black, or space.
7. DON’T reverse out the main text of the ad in white as it is 25% harder to read although a few words in the heading is OK. Choose dark text over a light background to hold attention.
8. DON’T use capital letters for a heading of more than three words. A professor from Stanford concluded that capital letters inhibit reading and “dance” when used in succession. We are trained from a young age to read words in small letters.

Free domain registration for 1 year with free web hosting

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Table of contents

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How to Find Awesome Clients

Thousands of service buyers complain of poor quality work from freelancers and design agencies every year; often to the point that reputations are ruined and the design industry as a whole suffers. From disappearing service providers to fly-by-night scam artists, the online world is packed with opportunities for things to go wrong, and it’s really not surprising that so many online and offline entrepreneurs have a bad impression of freelancers and one-off designers.

Of course, there’s another side to that coin.

How to Find Awesome Clients


While cheapskate designers and fraudulent artists ruin business for one side, ultra-demanding clients and power-tripping businesspeople can certainly do the same for the other. From bizarre requests to ridiculous revision ideas, some clients can be anabsolute nightmare to work with.

Unfortunately, it’s part of being a designer—especially a newbie designer—and a lot of people simply suck it up and get back to work.

The problem with that approach is that it’s not a long-term strategy. You can only work with poor clients for so long—they certainly pay the bills, at least most of the time —but they quickly become a major roadblock to your business flourishing, costing you in terms of opportunity. Time gets wasted catering to ludicrous requests. Rates are slashed to keep them onboard. And an all-round negative aura immerses your business.

The good news is that, with enough planning and marketing direction, you don’t have to work for clients that are frustrating and difficult.

Here are some strategies that will help you refine your freelancing business and personal marketing to the point where you’re choosing clients; not them choosing you.

Get your planning book out, file a new page for marketing, and incorporate these tactics into your new client acquisition strategy.

Search by Yourself

Search by YourselfSearching for great clients can take time, but the satisfaction that comes from a low-maintenance client base is fantastic. Image source .

It’s one thing to put up an advertisement on a popular website, and another altogether to respond to someone else’s. While it’s typically unwise to respond to advertisements for service work – primarily since you’re often forced to work on the clients terms for payment and scheduling – it’s occasionally a great strategy for picking out clients and saving yourself the hassle of having to say “no”.

Most webmaster forums will feature a website that’s packed with design-related jobs, and although wages are typically pretty low, they’re often a good place to start building up your portfolio and acquiring clients on your terms. If you’re catering to a higher-end market, a number of local directories and design-related websites typically offer job leads or other design contracts.

Create a Great Web Presence so They Can Find You

Create a Great Web Presence so They Can Find YouWithout directions and instructions, how are your clients going to find you? Image source .

You’ve built a website, done some basic SEO work, and now you’re stuck waiting for clients to come to you. The only problem: they aren’t coming.

A basic website is just that – a basic website, and it’s unlikely to attract any valuable clients to your business. While people may stumble across is from a bizarre and unrelated search result, it’s very unlikely that you’ll gain any valuable clients without your own client-driven and well-marketed website.

Before you create your long-term business website, look at the people who are getting all of the jobs you’d like. Even if you’re not at their level currently, look at their websites and observe what it is that’s pulling in new clients week after week. For example, if it’s conversion-driven sales copy, hire a professional to write your page in an appealing and buyer-friendly style.

You can only imitate for so long, but as a starting strategy, it’s a good way to gain exposure and influence. When you’re dead set on getting clients to come to you, look at the people who are inundated with clients and see what they’re doing right.Reverse engineering can help as a beginner, and could end up being the difference between 10 great long-term clients and 10 frustrating one-time clients.

Ask Your Current Clients for Referrals

Ask Your Current Clients for ReferralsSometimes a single phone call from a client is enough to land a major contract. Image source .

After a few months of freelancing as a designer, you’ll quickly build up a group of designers that come back to you for orders often. From weekly logos to frequent entire website designs, some designers are inundated with orders from one or two of their best clients, and completely free of work from anyone else.

This is the type of situation where you have to look at the advantages you have, not the potential disadvantages that only having a small stack of clients causes. Contact your best clients with an honest and important email, asking them if they know of anyone else that would be interested in working with you.

This situation can be taken to extremes, sometimes with very profitable effects. Want to really encourage your clients to get their friends working with you? Create an affiliate or referral program for your design agency, and convince past clients to bring in new ones for a small commission, discount on their next order, or special bonus. Incentives go a long way online, and sometimes something as minor as a free blog theme could bring in a new major client.

Advertise Yourself Strategically

Advertise Yourself StrategicallyWhen it comes to advertising, it’s all about strategy and placement.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can be worthwhile for service businesses, especially large service businesses that can afford to cater to a pool of clients at once. However, most PPC advertising platforms are used in a non-strategic manner, causing lost ROI and wasted time. From banner ad mistakes to on-page advertising that simply isn’t effective, even minor advertising mistakes can end up costing some serious money.

The best way to advertise is to go where your clients are. A great design blog or community might expose you to thousands of new designers, but it’s not the type of place that’s likely to be brimming with potential clients. Advertise strategically to target the most clients, and the most valuable clients, with every pick.

For example, a simple text advertisement on a small business forum could be worth much more than a large full-page post on a design marketplace. Why? Because an advertisement specifically tailored to small businesses will bring in hundreds of entrepreneurs and local business owners that are interested in working with you, whereas a marketplace posting will only ever bring in the occasional client, as the level of choice is hugely increased.

Don’t just advertise; advertise strategically for optimum clients.

Master the Cold Email Approach

Master the Cold Email ApproachLocal clients will often like to meet in person, so get your suit and tie ready. Image source .

It’s surprising how effective an email marketing campaign can be for service business owners.

Relax, there’s no need to spam anyone, but targeting individual businesses and community companies with the offer of design services can be quite worthwhile. Many businesses want to be online, but simply don’t know how to move their business there. As a designer, you can approach them with a deal in mind, limiting their barrier to entry and maximizing your local business profits.

This works best with local clients, and for some designers it can seem like quite a mission. Most of us internet-based providers aren’t used to working with offline businesspeople, so get ready for a few changes.

Email as casually as you’d like, but expect in-person meetings, discussions over lunch, and more than a few questions for a large contract. For some, this might be too much work, while for others it presents a lucrative opportunity.

Partner With Other Designers and Design Firms

Partner With Other Designers and Design FirmsSometimes even the unlikeliest of partnerships can work in your favor.

There are going to be times in your life when scheduling gets completely out of control. Clients will stack up, website design requirements will tally well off the page, and work will become a major headache for you. Then again, there will also be times when clients simply aren’t contacting you, leaving you completely free of work, and unfortunately, free of income.

Realize that every service business experiences these changes from time to time, and while many don’t adapt, many others do.

If you want a more constant flow of long-term clients, why not team up with another designer or design firm? You’ll be free to take care of their overflow when things get rough, and they’ll be available to take care of yours. While not a perfect solution for long-term clients, this approach can minimize downtime and keep your schedule smooth even through low-client patches.

What Are Your Strategies for Finding Awesome Clients?

How do you find your clients? What are some great resources online to find clients? Share it with us in the comments!

Top 5 B2B Marketing Ideas for Small Business

The ultimate objective of business-to-business or B2B marketing is the same as that of business-to-customer, or B2C, marketing – attracting and retaining customers. The focus of your B2B marketing efforts is to identify as many potential customers as possible and target them with an integrated marketing campaign. Here are top 5 B2B marketing ideas.

B2B sales lead management – You may have excellent sales lead generation systems in place. But what you do with your leads is more important to your sales and profits. Put in place sales lead management  systems that include salesman training and order management.

B2B mailing lists – Up date your B2B mailing list so that your promotional messages reach your prospective clients. Through up-to-date B2B mailing lists , you can expect higher sales. In your campaigns, focus more on solutions to problems faced by your potential clients rather than your products’ features or business’s successes.

Online presence – In today’s connected world, you must have an online presence. But having a great-looking website is not enough. You should make sure that your potential clients are aware of your website, through Google Places  and Yelp , for example. Also, see that your site has fresh content that is customer-oriented. Content must be informative, useful, up-to-date and interesting to your target audience. The more information you provide on your product/service and your business, the greater are your chances of getting more business.

Say ‘yes’ to social media – Popular platforms like Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter , YouTube, Pinterest  and Google+ help you create a buzz around your business. Create and build communities and share information related to your business through online networks. When you reach your target audience via social media, it is usually not considered as intrusion of privacy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) – Optimize your B2B website so that you attract relevant Internet traffic to your site. See that your site has the right number of keywords related to your business. Sign up for Google Analytics  to assess the current customer traffic and know the keywords relevant to your line of business.