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Why Local web designer?

Imagine, you have spent the last week searching the internet looking for a Web Designer or developer. You check each link, and eventually find a company you like the sound of, you go to ring them or perhaps email them only to find they are the other side of the world from you. What you really need is a local web developer or web designer.

I expect people using the internet to find a web designer run across this issue many times in their search.  But why does it actually matter?  Surely any web expert is a good expert.  lets break this down a little. What do you actually need from yourweb developer?

  1. Understand your exact requirements for your web project
  2. Have an extensive knowledge of the web standards (HTML5/CSS3 etc)
  3. Have a wide knowledge of web development languages and procedures (PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, MVC, CMS  etc)
  4. Be interested in providing you with the right sort of web presence
  5. Be available to talk to you about the project
  6. Ultimately be available for face to face discussions

The first four are a given, any good web designer or developer will be able to cover them, or at least have a team of people on hand that can cover them.

It’s the last two that are very important. I personally feel that being able to sit down with my clients and discuss their requirements is a key factor to helping them pick the right developer.  That way I can showcase some of my work that’s related to their requirements and also discuss the actual structure of their web project and give ideas and tips on the best route forward for them.

Without that face to face meeting it would be near enough impossible to interact with them properly.

Picking a local web expert is, im my opinion absolutely vital to the success of you project.

So how do we actually go about getting a local expert? Well google is always our friend.  The google local search is ideal for this. Lets assume you want a web developer in the Kent area. Just searching for web developer would not be enough, you would need to search for “web developer in Kent uk” if you wanted a web designer you would search for “web designer in Kent uk” or perhaps even “web design company in Kent uk“. It’s still going to give you loads of results, but at least they should be local to you.

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