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How To Increase Page Rank Without Paying A Penny

Page rank is another hot topic that gaining popularity recently due to delayed page rank update. The last mass PR update happened on May 2010. Only a fraction of domains get PR update in June 2010. So, most of us are eagerly waiting for next PR update in September 2010 which was supposed to update but Google chooses not to refresh their PR update yet. The expectation of next page rank update is still one of the hot topics in SEO forums where most new webmasters and bloggers are waiting for the results of the link building campaign.

No matter how we predict page rank or implementing ways to increase page rank, only Google have the final answer that can give solid results. There are many link building service providers offering increase page rank packages which I feel is not an easy task compared to SERP ranking. Basically, page rank is calculated on various factors mainly back links and its value. Only dofollow link will help to increase page rank. Also, if the page have a lot of outgoing links, the page rank value for each link will be dropped. So, only pages with low outbound links and have high page rank value (page’s PR) will help us to increase page rank. Understanding this factor, there are many webmasters willing to pay for a monthly fees to get a sidebar link on high PR blogs or websites.

For those who are new to this industry might not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay monthly subscriptions on PR5-PR7 blogs to get a link. There are many blogs that offers link love (dofollow link) to top commentators, recent commentators, guest poster and link exchanges. You don’t need to take a out a penny to get these type of backlinks that carries similar weight as paid link in sidebar under featured column. All you need to do is being active in high page rank blogs that offers these widgets. Make sure to comment on all recent posts, engage a conversation with other commentators, send queries and suggestion regarding any post, etc. There are various ways on how to create discussion in any blog post. This will increase your number of comments and in no time you will reach the top of top commentators list.

Spending some quality time on blogs with high PR will give similar value of paid links that will help us increase page rank. Just try not to use keywords on blogs that doesn’t allow keywords in name section of comments. Any sort of dofollow backlinks regardless of anchor keywords (even common name will do) will help to increase page rank. So, if you can find good list of high PR blogs that gives dofollow link to top commentators, make use of them. There are some blogs that allows keyword in name section of comments. This will give better benefits in terms of SEO. It’s like you are getting two benefits from one link. First, it will help to increase your page rank. Next, anchored keyword links will help to increase SERP ranking in Google. If you are hunting for high PR, then hunt for high PR blogs that gives dofollow link to top commentators and get your backlink from there for free.

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