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How To Get Customers to Your Website Ten Fantastic Free Ways

Here are ten ways you can get new customers to your website, using the free resources available on the Internet. There are many free Internet sites where you can get in touch with potential customers, if you reach out to them. You’ll be surprised how effective they are. Yes, they’re free. You don’t need big bucks to see big results.

1. Use Free Social Media to Get Customers


  • Use the online social media sites to introduce yourself, your business and your products. Over time you will build brand awareness among people there. Set up your MySpace page, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn, Facebook, Friendster and Hi5 profiles, and link each of them to your website. Facebook offers business pages, too.
  • Post pictures of your products at and, together with your profile, description and a link to the website. When you choose your screen name for these online accounts, you might want to use the domain name of your business site, like JoesHVACDotCom.
  • A number of online bookmarking sites offer you an online community of people, such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Ask, Google Bookmarks, Reddit, Blogmarks, Simpy, Delicious, Kaboodle, Blinklist, Live, Slashdot, Magnolia, Spurl, Technorati, myAol, Yahoo Bookmarks, Furl or Newsvine. When you post an article of interest to customers on your website, bookmark the article at some of these sites.

2. Try Free Guerilla Techniques to Get Customers

Explore guerrilla marketing techniques that require only time, energy and imagination. Choose a new promotion, and spread the word about it on your social media sites. Depending on your business, you can offer online seminars, free samples, free consultations, and product video demonstrations. Perhaps it makes sense to give away a free toolbar, screensaver, game or utility, all of which can be branded for your business. Many websites get new customers when they give away free coupons. You can promote the coupons on Twitter and on other social media. Give your customers more service than they expect. If your employees have idle time, offer the customer free product assembly. Use your website to introduce yourself to the customers and share your product expertise with them.

3. Visit Online Groups to Get Customers

Visit the online groups for more free opportunities to introduce yourself. See if Google Groups or Yahoo Groups has a topic that fits your area of interest. Group members will appreciate your help and advice. Build your reputation as an expert in the field, and group members will turn to you when they are ready to buy. Also, participate in related online forums where your expertise will be useful to customers.

4. Write Online Articles to Market Yourself


  • Write an article about your field of expertise. It could be a helpful “how-to” article about using your product, or an explanation of the benefits of your product. Then submit your article tor one of the many online sites, like, that accept free articles. You’ll automatically get a link back to your business website along with free publicity.
  • Write a press release and post it online. The topic could be your website expansion, your new product line, a new employee, or a charitable project. Include links to your online website and submit it to the free press release sites online. Check out sites like, and Email your press release to your local newspapers, too.
  • Find your business niche on Wikipedia, WikiTravel, and other wiki sites, and become a contributor. You might be able to link to your business site as a reference. It’s one more way to keep your name in front of the online public.

5. Optimize Your WebSite to Get Customers

Use the help of search engines to get more customers to your website. Make your website friendly for search engines. The technique is called search engine optimization. Just by changing the title of your page, its description, or your introductory remarks, you can double the traffic to your site. The traffic sent by search engines is called organic traffic, and it’s free. More traffic gets more new customers to your website.

6. Take Advantage of Free Business Listings


  • Use the Google Local Business Center to create your free listing. When potential customers search Google Maps for local information, they’ll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products. It’s easy, it’s free, and you don’t need a website of your own.
  • Proofread your business listing in
  • Check the local online telephone listing for your business, and correct it if necessary.
  • Make sure your Yahoo city listing is up to date.
  • Submit your website to The Open Directory Project, This directory is maintained by humans, and getting in is difficult, but the search engines rank your site higher if dmoz lists it.

7. Use Free Online Blogging to Get Customers to Your Website

  • Locate Internet blogs that cover topics related to your business. Leave comments on the blogs, and use your business domain name as your screen name; for example, AngiesCookiesDotCom. Your blog comments provide an additional link to your website. You can pick up free traffic from these links, too.
  • Read more blogs. Set up your feed reader with the names of good blogs. A feed reader saves time by letting you skim the headlines of new articles. Whenever you have a spare moment, read something in your field. New ideas are always hatching online.
  • If you enjoy writing, set up a blog for yourself. It can be a part of your business website, a page where you write informally about related activities and allow your personality to shine. A business blog is a great tool to build traffic and get customers to your website.

8. Use Free Internet Tools to Get Customers to Your Website

  • Set up and verify a Webmaster Central Account at Google.
  • Submit a product to Google Base. Google Base lets you submit pictures and describe your items with detailed information called attributes, which will help customers find your content more easily. You don’t even need a website to take advantage of Google Base.
  • Install Google Analytics on your site, if you don’t already have it. Google Analytics is helpful and free. You’ll learn more about customer behavior when they get to your website.
  • Set up a CrazyEgg heat mapping test for your most important pages, to analyze what part of the page a customer looks at and clicks on. The results will help you rearrange items on your pages to maximize visibility.
  • Show your customers how to find your physical store by adding a link to Google Maps on your website.
  • Set up a MyBlogLog account for your blog or your website. When you put the MyBlogLog widget on your website, your customers can see avatars (small photos) of each other. The use of avatars helps build a sense of community among your customers. There are many such widgets available free online.

9. Create a Video to Get Customers

Convert a slideshow of your products into a video and upload it to Youtube or MetaCafe. Be sure to optimize your title and descriptions to get the most traffic from search engines. Set up your own channel on Youtube. With YouTube hosting your video and supplying the bandwidth, embed the video into your website. The link from YouTube will get more customers to your website.

10. Try Pay Per Click Advertising to Get Customers to Your Website

No, Pay Per Click advertising is not free, but it can be very inexpensive. Signup is free. When people search for the products you sell, your PPC business ad will appear on the search engine report. With PPC, you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad and comes to your website. Each customer who comes to your website costs you only a few pennies. You can set your advertising budget as low as $1 per day, and turn your ad campaign off and on whenever you wish. You can easily track your Pay Per Click customers to see if PPC brings you more sales. The largest PPC advertising networks are those with the most popular search engines: Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Google Adwords.

I hope life brings you much success.
I wish you a very happy day.

3 Simple Ways To Generate More Leads With Your Website More Small Business Marketing Ideas:

Don’t! There are three excellent ways to bring people and lead generation to your web site.

1. The Best Way to Attract Visitors

Unquestionably the best way to channel a flood of visitors to your web site is to get it listed at the top of every search engine. If prospects can find your web site in the first ten on Google, Yahoo and MSN, you’ll get plenty of visitors. Even a listing within the top twenty will bring in a steady stream.

You know that search engine position depends on keywords and the way they are used on your site. Search engines look at the frequency of use on your page and number of links to relevant pages.

If you’ve ever worked with the site code yourself to try to get to a top position in the search engines, you know that it is not obvious how to succeed at this. The experts (and many who claim to be search engine specialists are not expert) charge $12,000 to $30,000 and up annually, per site, to achieve and maintain top search engine positions.

Thanks to top placements for a several keywords, my site attracts over 35,000 unique visitors each month. You or someone in your firm can achieve this, too.

Discover the techniques that will improve your site’s search engine placement and save yourself over $12,000 a year >>

Don’t have the time to do your own search engine positioning or a budget of $12 to 30 thousand dollars for the task? Write me and I’ll refer you to a reputable firm that can help you.

2. The 2nd Best Way to Attract Web Site Visitors

Top search engine positions make a big difference, but if you don’t want to invest the time or m0ney to put your site at the top of the search engines, there is a virtually no-cost technique you can use to bring in qualified prospects.

Thousands of online ezines and newsletters are hungry for content, and your prospects are always looking for ideas that will improve their businesses or their lives. Write short articles with ideas and information that your target market can use, send it to the ezines, and links from those back to your site will bring hundreds or thousands of prospects right to your ‘door’.

One article I sent out last December, ‘What Santa Knows About Marketing’ was picked up by over a thousand ezines, newsletters and web sites, and is still listed ten months later.

You can attract tens of thousands of visitors to your web site each week just by writing and distributing articles.

Discover how this formula works to bring in sales and find out exactly how to get slightly famous and a lot richer with your articles.

3. The 3rd Best Way to Attract Web Site Visitors

I love Google Ads and you should, too. They are simple to set up, you pay only when people c.lick on your ads, and you can set daily budget limits. They look like the easiest way to attract qualified leads to your web site. Why aren’t they the number one way to attract web site visitors? Because making Google Ads profitable is more complex than it first appears.

Have you tried Google Ads? What were your results?

Lots of companies use Google Ads, but few can justify the cost based on the sales generated. It turns out that to make your Google Ads pay for themselves, you need to pay careful attention to keyword selection, the wording of your ad, and the layout, wording, and links on the page that people are sent to from the ad.

I’ve written 8 tips to make sure your Google Ads help you make m0ney. Get all 8 tips along with the formula for making m0ney with your web site.

Given the challenge and the cost associated with search engine positioning, and depending on your particular product or service, Google Ads may be the best way to attract visitors. Use the approach outlined above to put them to work for your business.

Tired of spending m0ney on your web site and not generating a flood of new clients and sales? Waiting won’t improve your results. To make m0ney with your web site, you need a proven formula for bringing in prospects and business. Discover exactly how to get all the business you can handle online.


7 Tips to Get More Leads from Google Places

When Google recently decided to make Google Places a larger part of search engine results, local businesses took notice. Considering that 80% of people online find local businesses through Google, you can accurately assume that most potential new customers will be affected by either your Google places listing or your competitors. Want proof? Google any business and city phrase and see just how many of the top results are listings on Google Places (e.g. Dallas movers, Dallas lawyers, etc.). If your business is like most, the results will be overwhelming.

Now that I have established the significance of Google Places with today’s consumers, let’s talk about how to get more leads from Google Places by building your listing’s credibility.

1. Create a complete account using the Google Places Quality Guidelines found here: . Don’t be fooled into thinking you can game the system to get around these guidelines, as the results could be disastrous. It only takes 30 minutes to read through the guidelines and any competent local internet marketer can walk you through the process to make sure your account is properly setup. Make sure to complete your business profile as much as you can (yes, this includes the optional fields such as uploading pictures) and add the appropriate categories for your target market.

2. Use a consistent, Google Places friendly NAP (name, address, phone number) on your listing, website, and other online citations (see Tip 3). Google automates everything so even a minor variation in your business name, address, or phone number between your Google Places account and other sources can cause your listing to drop in credibility. Another good practice is to make sure the exact address from your listing is displayed prominently in text format on your website’s homepage (i.e. not as an image). Using a P.O. box as your address is considered spammy by Google but you may consider registering a virtual office (around $50/month) if you don’t want to show your address publicly. As far as phone numbers go, the best option is to use a local landline for your listing. A VOIP or forwarding local number is less ideal, while call center or 1-800 numbers are highly frowned upon.

3. Citations for your listing serve as votes of confidence to Google about your listing’s credibility. You gain citations by listing your business in as many credible online directories as possible. The process of doing this manually can be time consuming, but the results are worth it. Here is a starter list of business directories to consider:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many, many more.

4. Online reviews have recently exploded in importance not only in gaining credibility with Google but also potential customers. There are 2 methods to obtaining these reviews: wait for them to appear naturally (not ideal), or encourage your satisfied customers to post them regularly. The key benefit of the second method is an obvious advantage in review quality and control. You will want to have positive reviews on multiple review websites to gain maximum Google credibly for your listing. How to best obtain these reviews is a delicate matter that should at least coincide with each review website’s quality guidelines. Because of the importance and complexity regarding obtaining online reviews, we have created an online review generating tool to simplify the process for business owners called Survey Local.

5. If you do not supply photos for your listing, chances are Google will supply them for you which is not always to your benefit. Adding videos and photos to your listing is part of completing your profile and is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your listing. One exciting new option is Google Business Photo’s  which uses 3D photography just like the street view on Google maps to give customers a virtual tour of your business. If you are near Dallas, we can recommend a photographer that is certified by Google to utilize this new technology for you.

6. Unlike Groupon or other emerging coupon sites, Google Places gives you a free platform to promote coupons for your business on the internet. Once your listing is verified, you can add or remove coupons at your discretion.

7. Lastly, I’ll address the all important topics of website optimization and SEO. A highly credible and optimized company website will pass significant influence to your Google Places listing. The benefits of using SEO for your main website are already huge, and knowing that it directly affects your listings is just another reason to get it started.

How to own page one of Google for your brand

For any business, your brand is one of the most important things about you. Nichola Stott explains how owning the top 10 Google search results will give you more control over your brand image and ensure great positive content appears when potential customers search for you online.

For any business, your brand is one of the most important things about you. It’s your intellectual property, your social currency, your reputation and what makes you distinct from any other organisation. It is arguably easier now than it ever has been to reinforce and promote your brand due to media and technologies that allow for non-specialist participation that reaches a mass audience. I am of course talking about search and the web, (mainly Google).
But how do you go about trying to own the entire first page of Google for your brand name? And why would you want to?
Why own page one for your brand results?
When people are introduced to your business, they’ll instantly ‘google’ your name. You want to make sure that YOU own the organic search results when they do. When you and all of your content is found online, you’ll more than likely convert a sale rather then leaving them to explore your competitors.
How to own page one (it’s easier than you think!)
Get your domain name: Make sure you own your brand domain name. Try to make it easy to spell, say and use. If you have yet to think of a unique and brandable name for your online business then there are some groovy tools like, which will generate a huge list of available domain name options based around a core word.
Once you’ve found a name you like (e.g. Zip Baker), buy and the local top level domain (TLD) for each market in which you operate, and then use it everywhere. For example if you plan to sell your products in the UK, Germany and France try to secure, and professional directories: Add yourself to professional and local directories for your sector, thus controlling profile information and having the knock-on benefit of association. Don’t go overboard on this tactic and be aware of low quality directories that offer no additional value or service to listed businesses than a profile link.Write and distribute press releases: Writing specific and tailored news about your company is a great way to inform often, and in an official way. Distributing this news as a press release to your online press and having this covered is absolutely invaluable. Trade press publishers naturally tend to rank well due to the authority of their content.

Wikipedia page: A Wikipedia entry for your business is valuable. It lends credibility to your organisation, giving searchers who see a Wikipedia entry while searching for you the impression that your business is bigger and more legitimate. It’s easy to get a newly created entry for your business to rank on the first page of Google, no matter how competitive the keyword is. Whilst getting a Wikipedia listing to rank on page one is pretty much a given; getting a Wikipedia entry to pass the community guidelines in the first place can sometimes be hit and miss particularly for smaller businesses. If you’re having trouble getting an entry on Wikipedia this article has some great advice.
Create a social media presence: Social media is a fantastic, wide-reaching and cost-effective way of essentially, advertising your brand whether it’s through Facebook pages, LinkedIn company profiles, a Twitter presence, Quora participation or a Pinterest board. All of these platforms offer fantastic (and often free) publishing and content-sharing functionality. Not only does this provide the tools and audience for extended social communications and brand awareness, but these sites have strong authority and presence in search meaning additional strong results for your profile on these sites, whenever a searcher looks for you by brand name.
Blog and comment: Nobody knows your business like you do. So get out there andblog, guest blog, comment on related blogs. Establish your internet credentials by showing exactly how much you do know about integrated circuits, or bridal gown design or whatever it is that you do.

Post relevant content regularly: The best way to easily post relevant content is using a blog and we recommend Word Press. Google loves to index Twitter and Bing loves to index Facebook. But at the end of the day you get more SEO bang for your effort when blogging on Word Press.

It’s not only important to frequently post relevant content but Google will push to the top of search popular content. That is, content that is getting tons of comments, Tweets, and social shares. If your content is a news feed and social it is that much more valuable to SEO results.
Bidding on your brand name: Even if you are top of the organic results, there are potentially three competitor adverts and a map showing other competitors above your organic listing. The advert above you may also have site links, star ratings or other ad extensions pushing your organic listing further down the page. While the searcher is looking for your website, if other companies show above you they may be easily convinced to look elsewhere.
If it is your own brand term, Google should recognise your advert and keyword as being highly relevant so you receive a good quality score and a low CPC. It would be a shame to lose a conversion when it may have only cost a few pence.
Although we can’t control (nor should we want to control) what is said about our brand, we can control what we say about our brand so there’s really no excuse not to.

How to get a Free Website and Domain Name



    • 1 Microsoft, of all people, will give you a website and domain name absolutely free. Though aimed at small businesses, anyone can register and set up a website.
    • 2 Head to and click on the button that says: “Office Live Small Business — Sign Up for Free.”
    • 3 Fill in the simple registration information…it’s basically name, city/state/zip, and email.

      You’ll be asked some business questions like “Number of employees”. Just answer as best you can, even if the answer is zero, or one (yourself!).

    • 4 Use the simple form that pops up to register a domain name, and build a website. You can have the whole thing in operation in 15 minutes.

Tips & Warnings

  •  The free option works with website templates, and there’s a limit to how sophisticated you can make the site. Still, there are plenty of options to work with.
  •  There are tools to add images, tables, slide shows, and so on.
  •  You also get free email, of course.
  •  You can add Google Adsense to your site (but it’s not that easy…if you run into problems, leave a comment here to let me know, and I’ll help you out).
  •  Yep…you can get more than one site and more than one domain name. As far as I know, there’s no limit.
  •  The Microsoft Office Live Basic sites are ASP based, meaning that they are similar to — but slightly different — from pure HTML-based sites. It can be awkward at first, but not too bad. You’ll catch on quick enough.


How To Increase Page Rank Without Paying A Penny

Page rank is another hot topic that gaining popularity recently due to delayed page rank update. The last mass PR update happened on May 2010. Only a fraction of domains get PR update in June 2010. So, most of us are eagerly waiting for next PR update in September 2010 which was supposed to update but Google chooses not to refresh their PR update yet. The expectation of next page rank update is still one of the hot topics in SEO forums where most new webmasters and bloggers are waiting for the results of the link building campaign.

No matter how we predict page rank or implementing ways to increase page rank, only Google have the final answer that can give solid results. There are many link building service providers offering increase page rank packages which I feel is not an easy task compared to SERP ranking. Basically, page rank is calculated on various factors mainly back links and its value. Only dofollow link will help to increase page rank. Also, if the page have a lot of outgoing links, the page rank value for each link will be dropped. So, only pages with low outbound links and have high page rank value (page’s PR) will help us to increase page rank. Understanding this factor, there are many webmasters willing to pay for a monthly fees to get a sidebar link on high PR blogs or websites.

For those who are new to this industry might not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to pay monthly subscriptions on PR5-PR7 blogs to get a link. There are many blogs that offers link love (dofollow link) to top commentators, recent commentators, guest poster and link exchanges. You don’t need to take a out a penny to get these type of backlinks that carries similar weight as paid link in sidebar under featured column. All you need to do is being active in high page rank blogs that offers these widgets. Make sure to comment on all recent posts, engage a conversation with other commentators, send queries and suggestion regarding any post, etc. There are various ways on how to create discussion in any blog post. This will increase your number of comments and in no time you will reach the top of top commentators list.

Spending some quality time on blogs with high PR will give similar value of paid links that will help us increase page rank. Just try not to use keywords on blogs that doesn’t allow keywords in name section of comments. Any sort of dofollow backlinks regardless of anchor keywords (even common name will do) will help to increase page rank. So, if you can find good list of high PR blogs that gives dofollow link to top commentators, make use of them. There are some blogs that allows keyword in name section of comments. This will give better benefits in terms of SEO. It’s like you are getting two benefits from one link. First, it will help to increase your page rank. Next, anchored keyword links will help to increase SERP ranking in Google. If you are hunting for high PR, then hunt for high PR blogs that gives dofollow link to top commentators and get your backlink from there for free.