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How to make your website social

Are you thinking of starting a company website, or maybe just writing a popular blog, but don’t really know how to make it social? And you look at the sites like Mashable and see a lot of social networks icons, and you wonder — are all of them really necessary? Which ones are the most important? And most of all, you ask yourself, how do I put my site online and connect these important buttons?

Don’t worry, I will guide you through all the hot plugins and buttons you should add to your site, just like the rest of the top sites and blogs.

First of all, I recommend using WordPress for your website. It is very common for companies to promote themselves by writing a blog, and WordPress is a perfect tool for that. It is also flexible enough to host your website or even an e-commerce shop.

Once you set up your WordPress, I recommend to connect the most important social media buttons. I think the top ones are those of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. You can find the code for different types of Twitter buttons here.

Facebook has a “Like” button and a “Send” button, which allows you to send recommendations of your page to specific friends. It can be found here.

The Google “+1″ button is pretty new, but considering the popularity of Google, I think it is a must-have on your site. You can find the code with the instructions here.

The last recommended button is LinkedIn share, which allows sharing your content within the network of professionals on LinkedIn. These buttons will allow your readers to spread the word about your content and help you increase the number of your readers and customers.

Apart from the sharing buttons, your blog/website should have some WordPress plugins that will help you manage it. Nowadays, it is obvious that everyone who has a website, also has Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Having these accounts requires effort to post to them, just like you post news on your site. It may sound like a lot of work if you have to create the content on your website, then log into Twitter, tweet about it, next log into Facebook, post about it, and finally log into LinkedIn and post about it. Imagine the time you would have to spend doing it. Fortunately, there is another way.

First, you visit your LinkedIn account settings. In there, you can connect your Twitter account and all your tweets will appear automatically on LinkedIn. To connect your Twitter with WordPress, useTwitter Feed. After configuring the Twitter Feed account, your WordPress posts will appear on Twitter right after you publish them. To send your blog posts to your Facebook wall you need to use either Twitter Feed, or RSS Graffiti. You install the application on Facebook and connect it to your WordPress. Afterwards, all you publish on your site will automatically appear on the Facebook Wall of your profile or your page.

To make your site stand out you can also add Odiogo plugin. It places a small button on your blog, right below the post title, which is also a link to the mp3 of the post. This way people who want to listen to the article, rather than read it, will have a possibility to do so.

All these plugins and buttons I described will make your site or blog a very social place. Of course, you can find many varieties of plugins with similar or even same functionality, but these are the ones I use and I am very satisfied with how they work. Good luck in making your site social and please comment below if you have any questions.

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