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Ways to improve sales by knowing who is visiting your website

 Below is a top 10 list:

1. It gives me more information about each of our leads
“We use WebWHO with our landing pages. When someone fills in the online form, we can use WebWHO to tell us more able the lead, such as their specific location, and if they have filled in one of our forms previously”.

2. Enables us to better measure our online campaign results
“We put a lot of effort and money behind our online campaigns. We create landing pages, Google Ads, emails, the works. For this reason it was important to measure these campaigns beyond just click and visitor numbers. WebWHO tells us who came to the landing pages, and lots of more information, including which Google Ads work best for our target audience”.

3. Turns company names into telephone numbers you can call
“By combining WebWHO with the PROFILE service, we can map company names visiting our site to emails and telephone numbers of the people we are targeting. The integration to B2B contact lists really is impressive and allows us to create the type of leads we just couldn’t have produced before”.

4. Reduces our online advertising costs
“We use to select “keywords” in Google Adwords based on the number of clicks it was generating, but we were blind to knowing if these clicks were coming from time-wasters or real business-level prospects. WebWHO enables us to judge this now, showing which are the “keywords” our target audience really respond to best. It has saved us hundred of dollars. It even can help us determine which websites to put paid-for advertising banners on – for the first time we can now see who is clicking on these ads”.

5. Helps me measure “market visibility”
“One way we measure the market visibility of our website is to see if our target market, including our customers, are coming to our pages. We use Google Analytics to show visitor numbers, but WebWHO has the business focus we need, enabling us to see how many of our target accounts are visiting us, and who they exactly are”.

6. Speeds up our lead generation process
“Our landing pages generate about 100 to 150 leads a month, so it is important for us to identify which of the people who fill out the contact details are genuine or not. WebWHO speeds up the process by indicating to us if the lead is coming from a genuine business IP address, if they are an existing customer, or a competitor. The quality of leads we now pass on to Sales is now much improved”.

7. Finds out which Google Adwords work best
“WebWHO allows us to see which Adwords are attracting our target audience. Without it, we would be partially blind, looking only at “click through rates” (CTRs) to judge the effectiveness of our Adwords”.

8. Converts business visitors into leads
“WebWHO gives us the names of the businesses visiting our landing pages. With this, our Inside Sales team then hunts down the IT Managers we target and secures as many calls as possible. It’s surprising how many leads we have generated this way”.

9. Identifying new leads through the top 10 visits list
“One of the many reporting features it provides is the top companies visiting our website. We check if our sales colleagues are contacting these companies, and ask them how many of them look like interesting prospects.”

10. Immediately alerts Sales about key accounts
“When we are working on key accounts, we want to know all about them. Sometimes it can be the difference between winning and losing the deals. WebWHO allows us to find out when these accounts are on our sites, and what they are looking at and requesting. This way we avoid slow responses to any material they are requesting, and generally allows our team to keep on top of managing these accounts”.

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