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Reasons for having business websites

There are so many benefits to having a website if you have your own business. Here are 7 of them:

1. Significant Market Expansion

Through the internet, you can break through local barriers and become accessible to not only any state, but any country in the world, and you are accessible to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can significantly build up your customer base.

2. Much Lower Cost than Standard Print Advertising

You can reach a large audience with a smaller investment. If you put your internet address on your business card, your customer or potential customer can visit your website and get a very good idea of what your product or service about.

You can change the content on your website at will, keeping it fresh for those who visit your site more than once.

You can still use print advertising of course, but with a website there is a two way communication when you include a Contact Us page. The potential client can ask any questions or ask that you contact them through your contact page.

3. Your Site Allows You to be Semi-Available at all hours

Your site runs every day all day, allowing your clients to visit your site for the information they are looking for without waiting for your business to open.

4. Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

Your website is a convenient way for clients to get information about you in the privacy of their office or home. Add to that the idea that you can feature valuable information on your site for your clients, and you’ve got a higher level of customer satisfaction.

5. Improve Your Company Credibility

Since many potential buyers use the internet to research any future purchases, your site gives you the opportunity to illustrate for your client what your company is about, and your high standards for service and customer satisfaction.

6. An Opportunity for Your Company to Grow

It is obvious that since you are reaching a much larger market, your company has the opportunity for growth. And occasionally, someone who visits your website may promote your business by word of mouth.

7. You Can Put Your Best Foot Forward

You can work out, in advance, the best approach to use on your website to entice your potential customer to contact you. There are no variables or mistakes in the presentation, as there may be in a “live” sales presentation.

A website is an advantage to a brick and mortar business. It makes you more available to your potential customers, and can give your enterprise a certain amount of credibility before you have the first conversation with your potential client.
Source: Ezine Articles

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