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Webdesign Prices

Ever just wanted to get a sense of how much a website costs? Well, we’ve created an interactive web design price calculator as a guide to understanding just how website budgets work. Web design pricing has always been tricky, but we’ve looked it from all angels and produced this!
Use the web design price calculator to:
benchmark web design costs from your current provider
develop an accurate web design budget for a design brief
get a sense of industry standards

Web Design Pricing Guide

While the calculator is down, here is a short guide to web design prices.

Working out the price manually requires a few questions:

Freelancer or company?
How much experience does the provider have?
How much control over the project do you want?
Common hourly rates:

Student: $10-$30/hour
Freelancer: $20-$100/hour
Expert Consultant: $50-$250/hour
Company: $70-$250/hour
Recommended project budget:
Logo /T-shirt design: $100 – $500
Color Poster/brochure: $250 – $750
Simple Website: $500 – $2500

If you are starting a web design project then you’re in luck.

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